Fried egg

Eat the Strip is our tribute to the mom-and-pop food joints peppered across the Ottawa-Gatineau suburbs. We feel the folks who run these restaurants, diners and bars don't get the credit they deserve for contributing to our city's food culture. So, we created a review blog that only caters to strip mall gems. 🧡

For too long social media foodies and bloggers have overlooked these establishments, which tend to be tucked away in the periphery of the city. No, here you won't find any reviews or features of chain restaurants downtown. Here, it's 100 per cent strip malls.

Strip mall: A retail complex consisting of stores or restaurants in adjacent spaces in one long building, typically having a narrow parking area directly in front of the

Eat the Strip is designed, developed and run by Ameya Charnalia, an Ottawa-based Javascript developer, former parliamentary staffer and recovering journalist. All reviews are written by him, with contributions from his friends and family. This site would not have been possible without the technical mentorship of Ottawa-area developers Mat Dupont and Daniel Corner. Developers can see the source code, built in React and Next JS, here.

Want to suggest a strip mall gem? Write to us!